Immersive Show / Resident & Touring Show

ROME / 2018

Giudizio Universale. The Sistine Chapel Immersive Show

Produced by Balich Wonder Studio

— An unprecedented immersive show that reveals the creation of the Sistine Chapel

“Giudizio Universale. The Sistine Chapel Immersive Show” is the emotional experience of feeling part of Michelangelo’s greatest masterpiece. The first permanent show in Italy with 60 minutes breath taking live action performance, in a unique 270° immersive projection environment.

Created with the scientific advice of the Vatican Museums, “Giudizio Universale” features the most advanced technology of live entertainment aiming at offering the spectators a unique sensorial journey thanks to the contamination of different artistic forms: the physical action of the theatrical performance meet the intangible magic of special effects, the immersive projections are at the service of a story made by words and images never seen before.

The show brought together some of the greatest international talents in the world of music, theatre and video production such as Sting, author of the main theme song, Susan Sarandon, performed the voice of the Bible, and the internationally acclaimed actor Pierfrancesco Favino (“Angels & Demons”, “A Night at Museum”) performed the voice of Michelangelo.

“Giudizio Universale” was staged at the Auditorium Conciliazione in Rome and was awarded as a record show for being the 1st in terms of tickets sold in 2018 according to the SIAE “Annuario dello Spettacolo”.

  • 350.000

    tickets sold

  • +600


  • 270°

    video projections

  • 8

    translations in the main languages of the show