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RIYADH / 2021


Produced by Balich Wonder Studio

— The first international festival of light and art in Saudi Arabia

Noor Riyadh is a spectacular international light and art festival that for two weeks transforms the city of Riyadh into an open-air gallery, illuminated by a series of ambitious large-scale public art installations created by some of the most exciting Saudi and international artists.

Each of the 60+ artworks has been selected by a team of international and Saudi curators, exploring the unifying theme ‘Under One Sky’. Artworks located around the city create a transformative experience, shifting perceptions of familiar places and generating moments of wonder, reflection and enlightenment. The curators honor Riyadh’s rich cultural heritage and areas of natural beauty, creating a dialogue between tradition and modernity and the city’s past and future.

The festival’s two main hubs are located at King Abdulaziz Historical Center (KAHC), and King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD), where a landmark exhibition of light art, Light Upon Light, features work by some of the most important names in the history of contemporary art.