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NAPLES / 2017

Bracco 90th Anniversary Exhibition

Produced by Feelrouge

— An exhibition experience dedicated to the importance Science.

“The Beauty of Imaging” was created to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the group’s foundation with an exhibition experience dedicated to the importance of diagnostic images. journey to the heart of life that has communicated for the first time the charm and power of one of the most important discoveries in the history of medicine using the language of art. Bringing to life one of the greatest medical discoveries of the twentieth century in a key approach throughout innovative technologies, video installations and magic boxes, which (gave) created the chance to undertake a journey into mysterious and fascinating places of the human body. In the two exhibition the visitors were invited to explore the extraordinary beauty of the human body seen from the inside, including incredible stories, visual suggestions and educational workshops.
The Beauty of Imaging won the award for Best Cultural Event at the 2017 BEA – Best Event Awards.