Brand Experiences / Special Anniversaries

COMO LAKE / 2017

Villa Gastel Private Event

Produced by Feelrouge

— Italian traditions showcased in an exclusive location of Lake Como.

To experience the tradition of a true Italian Fair, 600 international guests were welcomed in Villa Gastel situated near Lake Como. The location was transformed in “Fiera bell’Italia”, with banquets of food serving specialties from all Italian regions such as home-made pasta and different kinds of bread served with authentic sauces, ice cream, candy, fresh fruits and special drinks were served during all day. An average amount of 20 games were organized: these included the ping pong toss, hook the duck and a lottery. A carousel was placed in the middle of the garden while a stone amphi-theatre was built in order to stage some verses of Romeo and Juliet. In addition, an actor playing Dante Alighieri amused the audience with his poem “The Divine Comedy”. Inside the villa a temporary boutique has been set up to sell unique fashion pieces and accessories from an Italian Maison.