Brand Experiences / Branded Exhibits and Activations

VENICE / 2017

Generali Prima Fila

Produced by Feelrouge

— A branded event into the magic and magnificence of Venice Carnival

250 top agents and managers of Generali Italia relived the magic and magnificence of Venice Carnival. The dress code of the event: carnival traditional costumes, to step back in time living in the atmospheres of a Venice in the past. The guests reached on private speedboats the sumptuous Palazzo Vendramin Calergi, Place of Venice Casino, and enjoyed a placée gourmet dinner animated by artistic interludes. Fairy-tale characters, dancing ravens, chameleons, waiters on stilts and contortionists started the magic moving around the guests, entertaining them and attracting them to the dance floor. Generali prima fila won the best incentive event prize at the BEA 2017 – Best Event Awards.